Transport Aerian - Skywound

(CD 2021, 43:31, Melodic Revolution Records)

The tracks:
  1- Shall Not Be(3:15)
  2- At the Cliff(4:38)
  3- Fracture I(0:40)
  4- Lunatic(7:09)
  5- Latgalian Gothic(4:21)
  6- Falling 20(3:11)
  7- Fracture II(2:13)
  8- Kuznetsov(3:53)
  9- Fracture III(0:56)
10- The Effect(3:02)
11- Moses(3:49)
12- Fracture IV(1:10)
13- Skywound(5:14)

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Transport Aerian is a Belgian progressive rock project/band led by multi-instrumentalist Hamlet, that started their musical career in 2009. Transport Aerian has released three acclaimed albums, being: Bleeding (2013), Darkblue (2015) and four years ago Therianthrope. Since last year the band, next to Hamlet (vocals, bass guitar, keys, and guitars) consists of Stefan Boeykens (guitar), Umut Eldem (keys) and Paul De Smet (drums and violin).

Skywound, their fourth CD, is a concept album dealing with the tragedy of an ordinary loving couple caught in the horrendous events of the world preparing for war; guest vocalist Rachel Bauer narrates this story by the way... Transport Aerian has a rather unconventional sound which you must get used to for sure; furthermore, this new album is definitely their heaviest outcome so far, so be prepared! Opener Shall Not Be is filled with massive and dark guitar riffs mixed with lots of keys and many tempo changes, while Hamlet's voice is very emotional and delicate setting the tone of this album. The first musical highlight is Lunatic, the longest one on the album, as this one has clear musical references to progressive music from the seventies, ending with a marvellous guitar solo. Follow up Latgalian Gothic is filled with lots of electronics and a dominating piano passage, while The Effect is again a powerful song with splendid vocals and Moses is also rather heavy. This experimental album ends with the title track which is again a rather “weird” one; check out the terrifying vocals of Hamlet in this song and the addition of choirs makes this song even more bombastic and special.

Skywound is a great album filled with music that blends prog rock with “metal” and softer, melodic passages; worth to check out for sure. Listening tip: Lunatic.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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