Transatlantic -
More Never Is Enough

(CD (2011, CDs: 192:43 - DVDs: 143:12, InsideOut)

The tracks:
  1- The Whirlwind(79:47)
  1- All Of The Above(31:37)
  2- We All Need Some Light(10:23)
  3- Duel With The Devil(28:48)
  1- Bridge Across Forever(6:03)
  2- Stranger In Your Soul(33:17)
  1- The Whirlwind(81:15)
  1- All Of The Above(29:20)
  2- We All Need Some Light(9:38)
  3- Duel With The Devil(28:53)
  4- Bridge Across Forever(9:58)
  5- Stranger In Your Soul(38:56)
  6- The Return Of The Giant Hogweed(9:05)
  7- Cologne - Live Music Hall(6:03)
  8- Stuttgart - Longhorn(6:35)
  9- Esch Alzette - Rockhal(5:34)
10- Pratteln - 27(7:44)

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Every prog addict needs to have a copy of The Whirld Tour 2011 by Transatlantic in his record collection. However, the question is whether you also need a copy of this new digipack, recorded in Manchester (UK) and Tilburg (NL) with exactly the same tracks? If you're a true fan of Transatlantic then I would advise you to buy this five disc extravaganza, especially if you have been to the shows in Manchester and/or Tilburg. The concert in Manchester was the last one of a long tour and it really is a great performance. This gig can be heard on the three CDs; the Tilburg gig can be seen on the two DVDs. As bonus material you get a couple of 'strange jams' consisting of great and funny excerpts from other European gigs like Cologne (8th May), Stuttgart (9th May), Esch Alzette (10th May) and Pratteln (18th May). Watch out for Mike Portnoy's stage diving in Cologne! Musical highlights are again The Whirlwind, Duel With The Devil and Stranger In Your Soul. So, More Never Is Enough is a must for all the fans that weren't able to attend one of these remarkable shows. You're going to love this!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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