Time Will Tell - Visionography

(CD 2008, 51:43, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Prelude(01:30)
  2- Different Drum(03:40)
  3- Darkest Before The Dawn(09:18)
  4- Striving Edge(06:30)
  5- Among Friends(03:11)
  6- The Silent Man(08:16)
  7- Visionography(02:38)
  8- Bara Ktisis(13:12)
  9- Distant Drum(03:28)

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Visionography, the latest album made by Time Will Tell recently made many spins in my CD-player. The music kept growing and growing and now I enjoy it a lot. Time Will Tell are a five-piece, based in Southend-On-Sea, Essex (UK). They formed in 1998 and released three albums to date. This band certainly deserves a wider audience, because I think that more people will enjoy their music. The musical style of Visionography can be described best as neo progressive rock. If you listen to the nine tracks on this album, you will conclude that both guitarist Steve Liberty and keyboardist Tony Machon got their inspiration from bands as Genesis, Yes, early Marillion and Pallas, but you can also hear echoes from the space rockers of Hawkwind in Darkest Before The Dawn.

Unfortunately, lead vocalist Kevin Smee doesnít belong to the best singers on this globe, but he tries the best way possible. His voice sometimes reminded me a bit of Jon Anderson. Most of the time the lyrics deal with Christianity, but thatís no problem for me as long as the music sounds the way we like to hear it. Therefore, I would like to advice everyone who reads this review, to have a look at their website and give their music a fair chance. Time Will Tell has my blessings whatsoever and Iím already looking forward to their next release. However, Iím first going to listen to their previous recordings including a solo album made by Steve Liberty. Why? Well, I never get enough of well-performed progressive rock music. Thatís why!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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