Time Shift Accident -

(CD 2019, 58:01, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Cold Case(6:40)
  2- Boonar Eclipse(5:15)
  3- Ignalina Forest(6:13)
  4- Wish(4:57)
  5- Damascus Dance(11:21)
  6- Pompei(5:35)
  7- Borsuki(7:21)
  8- The Hand Of God(10:35)

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A few years back I had the honour to review a fine instrumental album that blended fusion with progressive rock (2009, see review). The band in question was Relocator, which was initiated by their bass player Michael Schetter; on the album mentioned as Michael Pruchnicki. Currently Relocator seems to be on a kind of temporary hibernation and Michael initiated another fusion related band/project. Together with drummer, Paul Ettl Time Shift Accident was founded. Later Efflorence guitar player Dave Mola joined and together with keyboard player Sebastian Halbig the majority of the songs were written. Before recording the album Chronosthesia, Sebastian parted in a friendly way to be replaced by GŁnter W. Schmuck.

Chronosthesia holds eight compositions, which are all in the accessible zone. Solid compositions with dedicated solos and melodies, never finding themselves freaking out in pointless showcases or strange soundscapes. The opener Cold Case was written by the original keyboarder and really deserves to be the first eye catcher on the album. A fusion laden composition focussed on great guitar playing, backed up by either a fine piano or a soaring Hammond organ makes this a perfect entrance to what is coming next. Boonar Eclipse is a bit rockier, for me the instrumental parts of Toto or El Grupo pass by, nice references to Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips during this song. Listen to the fabulous keyboard solo, or the bossa nova related part, which suit wonderfully. Michael's bass lines on Ignalina Forest tend to go into the direction of Japanese fusion/jazz rock bass player Mitsuru Sutoh. Known from Trix and formerly bass player for T-Square. Including the solid drums and distinct keyboard sound this is a dedication to Trix, I am sure. Wish is a smooth jazzy composition with excellent guitar and bass solos over dedicated drums and a delicate Hammond in the back. I guess Damascus Dance should appeal the most to the progressive rock or even metal fan. Elements of Opeth, Dream Theater and Deep Purples pass by, all fused into one dynamic long composition. Perhaps my highlight of the album. Both Pompei and Borsuki are softer, where Pompei focusses on the fine guitar parts, Borsuki is a real piano jazz ballad with a beautiful guitar solo. The progressive rock fans have another great track to listen to, although The Hand Of God has a lot of jazz and fusion elements, I think there is a strong progressive rock vibe in this final track on the album, but also the El Grupo reference returns.

Chronosthesia turn out to be a fantastic album, both jazz fusion as well as progressive rock adepts will find some of their likings. When you are, like myself, a fan of both genres, you have hit the jackpot with this stunning album.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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