Tim Morse -
The Archaeology Project, The Music Of Tim Morse / 2005 - 2020

(CD 2020, 79:23, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Guitar Etude 1(0:28)
  2- Apocalyptic Visions(15:22)
  3- Adrift(3:36)
  4- Rome(5:21)
  5- Voyager(9:08)
  6- Window(1:17)
  7- Afterword(5:22)
  8- 200 Yards(3:41)
  9- My Ally(4:02)
10- Inertia(2:53)
11- The Mary Celeste(5:17)
12- The Marquis(3:22)
13- Dogs(10:39)
14- The Corners(1:53)

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Tim Morse is an American (hailing from Sacramento) progressive rock/pop musician and The Archaeology Project is a compilation containing thirteen tracks from the period 2005-2020.

This album also features one unreleased song, being a cover of one of the best Pink Floyd songs ever: Dogs. However, I definitely prefer Floyd's version as David Gilmour's guitar work is far superior to that of Tim Morse and I absolutely cannot stand the saxophone solo in Morse's cover of Dogs!! The older tracks on this album have been remastered and I have to say that they absolutely sound better than the original versions. Highlights for me are: Apocalyptic Visions (featuring moody soundscapes, symphonic prog rock and even hints of progressive metal), Rome and Voyager (excellent keyboard and synthesiser melodies galore).

If you have never heard an album by Tim Morse then this compilation is definitely highly recommended, for fans the only reason to purchase this album could be the unreleased track Dogs; but as I mentioned before I do not think that it is a great cover....

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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