Tim Hunter -
The Yorkshire Variations

(CD 2020, 40:00, Northern Soundscapes)

The tracks:
  1- The Three Peaks Concerto: Pen-y-ghent(3:23)
  2- The Three Peaks Concerto: Whernside(3:47)
  3- The Three Peaks Concerto: Ingleborough(3:14)
  4- Bolton Abbey Fantasy(2:45)
  5- Brimham Dreams(2:56)
  6- The Hermit(3:12)
  7- Moorland Moods(3:34)
  8- The Hole Of Horcum(3:15)
  9- Staithes Mermaids(3:24)
10- Ghosts Of The Coast(4:12)
11- Captain Cook's Overture(2:51)
12- The Whale's Lament(2:58)

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Tim Hunter is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. The compositions on his 14 albums range from pop ballads (he loves 80s pop music) through to classic rock and have been enjoyed by audiences both in Europe and the United States. This review is about his latest effort entitled The Yorkshire Variations. The album features 12 compositions and in the booklet each one is accompanied by a wonderful picture and interesting short story. Tim Hunter plays synthesizers, guitar and alto-saxophone.

To me the 12 compositions on this instrumental album sounds as a melodic blend of electronic, ambient and New Age. The climates shift between dreamy and slow rhythms, topped with pleasant work on synthesizer (from spacey and soaring to slow flights), electric guitar and saxophone (on 3 tracks, it adds a bit mellow jazzy element). In the 3 part piece The Three Peaks Concerto Tim Hunter delivers sensitive guitar play, in Ghosts Of The Coast he even plays fiery rock guitar, one of the few dynamic moments. In the final The Whale's Lament the soaring keyboards and mellow saxophone are blended with the distinctive sound of whales, an intense experience.

A pleasant album for the fans of New Age, ambient and electronic music, no more or less in my opinion.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Dave Smith)

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