Tim Burness -
Whose Dream Are You Living?

(CD 2017, 49:57, Expanding Consciousness ‎EXPAND15 )

The tracks:
  1- These Are The Days(3:24)
  2- Grass Is Greener(4:31)
  3- And Set Your Spirit Free(4:37)
  4- Round And Round(4:05)
  5- The Messenger(4:12)
  6- Hold Me(4:18)
  7- Unlike Any other(4:06)
  8- A Space For Our Love To Grow(4:36)
  9- Dreaming Of A New World(3:37)
10- What's Going On In Your Head?(3:36)
11- Stop Them(2:39)
12- Cynical World(6:10)

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I never really got in to Tim Burness' work. I heard of him when he did Burnessence back in the eighties. But it never really appealed to me. So I lost track of him.
Later on (2015) he released a digital version of this album on Bandcamp. I missed that though., so when I got this CD I even mistook him for Tim Bowness. Shame on me.

This album can be described as a collection of songs, some poppy (These Are The Days, What's Going On In Your Head?) some spherical (Round And Round, Dreaming Of A New World), some even quite silly (Grass Is Greener, The Messenger). I can't say all compositions are quite strong but there is a nice diversity in music on this album so it won't bore. But nevertheless I sometimes lost my attention during my listening sessions. I had the same with later albums of Pendragon (nice mention: ex. Pendragon member Fudge Smith plays the drums on this CD) and Tomas Dolby. Why these names? The music of Mr. Burness on this album reminds me of them. Furthermore I like the use of nice nineties synths throughout the album.

All in all a nice album, worth listening, but don't expect anything shockingly new.

I'd like to meet this Monty Oxymoron, excellent Theremin playing on Unlike Any Other.

*** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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