Thought Chamber - Psykerion

(CD 2013, 64:00, Inside Out)

The tracks:
  1- Inceptus(2:40)
  2- Exodus(1:47)
  3- Psykerion: The Question(3:02)
  4- In The Worlds of Avakus(1:52)
  5- Light Year Time(5:33)
  6- Kerakryps(5:27)
  7- The Black Hole Lounge(1:08)
  8- Circuits Of O.D.D.(1:54)
  9- Behind The Eyes Of Ikk(8:38)
10- Isle Of Bizen(4:34)
11- Xyrethius 2(4:30)
12- Recoil(3:17)
13- Breath Of Life(3:04)
14- Transcend(9:38)
15- Planet Qwinkle(4:41)
16- Inner Peace(2:07)

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In 2007 the American prog metal band Thought Chamber recorded their debut album Angular Perceptions. We had to wait six years for its successor called Psykerion. Thought Chamber now consist of singer Ted Leonard (Enchant, Spock's Beard), keyboardist Bill Jenkins (Enchant), drummer Mike Haid (David T. Chastain), Michael Harris (guitars, keyboards) and Jeff Plant (bass), which means that they have recruited three new band members.

Psykerion is a concept album, lyrically somewhere between science fiction and a human drama and musically between tranquil and rough. The obvious musical influences are Dream Theater, Yes, Planet X and last but not least Rush. The album contains a number of short songs which are mainly meant to connect the songs together to one piece of music. However, the longer pieces are the most worthwhile. Take for example Behind The Eyes Of Ikk which is an absolute prog metal gem. This also applies to the power ballad Light Year Time which definitely reminds me of Rush, one of the best progressive rock bands ever. Isle Of Bizen is a ballad as well and this song features a heavenly guitar solo strongly in the vein of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd).

In the longest track Transcend, with a running time of nine minutes, Thought Chamber prove to be a great band, as in this song it all comes together: great melodies, amazing vocals, superb keyboard layers and great guitar parts. I think that all devotees of prog metal should keep an eye on this great band. The limited edition's first pressing of the CD will come with an O-Card and two bonus tracks: the acoustic version of Isle Of Bizen and the instrumental version of Recoil. Highly recommended, indeed!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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