Third Voice -
A Day Like Today

(CD 2016, 52:10, Independent Release )

The tracks:
  1- Break(4:15)
  2- Chosen(6:01)
  3- Blinded(4:57)
  4- Seasons Of My Soul(8:01)
  5- Moments Like These(3:50)
  6- How Many Feet(6:02)
  7- Day Like Today(5:58)
  8- All That I Am(6:38)
  9- Reflections(6:30)

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Originally the band Third Voice existed as a duo; vocalist Jeff Kearney and instrumentalist Jason Pirone. After two demos, both received very well and got high critical praise, it seemed the adventure was over. Nevertheless the duo kept collaborating, but with no physical effort. Until drummer Tony Rossi entered the scene, replacing the previous used drum machine. His much needed enthusiastic injection made Pirone ask bass player Jeff Frankenstein to play on four of the already written compositions and a band membership was offered after the album A Day Like Today was done.

Listening to the album, which was labelled as progressive metal, I have to add other styles as well. Sure the music Third Voice plays is very much related to the progressive metal Queensryche usually plays. In fact the vocals of Kearney sometimes are similar to Geoff Tate's vocals, but there is also a smoother path that is chosen; the more melodic side of progressive rock, like you can hear in Seasons Of My Soul definitely is a part of the band's style. After several listening sessions, this album still is a hard one for me to review. The songs are pretty good, but also pretty backdated; there is a kind of eighties progressive vibe that has gently landed on the band's sound. Technically I hear some hiccups in the guitar parts and at points I really have my doubts when it comes to drummer Tony Rossi. In my ears the replaced machine still has a part in Third Voices' music. So, mixed feelings it is. Take a, in basic, interesting song as Chosen; heavily influenced by that other great band with roots in the eighties; Fates Warning, here the riffs are just awesome and the vocals decent, but after a while it turns out the song is more of the same. I guess this is what I hear all over the album; solid music, dated, that is, and not many revitalising elements.

A Day Like Today is a nice album for the die-hard progressive rock aficionados who are stuck in the eighties. The compositions are good, but fail to stand out in this modern ever changing world of music. In the end it's a pity to say that Third Voice is just too average to really participate in the upper segment of rock and has to settle for a place in the lower regions.

*** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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