The Safety Fire -
Mouth Of Swords

(CD 2013, 46:51, Inside Out)

The tracks:
  1- Mouth Of Swords(5:12)
  2- Glass Crush(5:08)
  3- Yellowism(5:23)
  4- Beware The Leopard(4:51)
  5- Red Hatchet(5:29)
  6- Wise Hands(4:07)
  7- The Ghosts That Wait For Spring(5:46)
  8- I Am Time, The Destroyer(3:29)
  9- Old Souls(7:26)

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In 2006 the UK based prog metal band The Safety Fire were formed, and in 2011 they signed with InsideOut. Their debut album Grind The Ocean (2012) got some excellent reviews. The second album Mouth Of Swords again features true prog metal and therefore it's not suitable for nervous listeners as the music constantly switches from one direction to another. This CD hardly holds any resting points and since The Safety Fire have been influenced by bands like Tool, Deftones, Between The Burled And Me, Alice In Chains and Gojira, you know what to expect from these five musicians!

You can also hear influences from the more 'classic' prog metal bands though, like Dream Theater and Mastodon , so there's something to enjoy for all prog metal fans. Most of the nine songs are dominated by the two guitarists Joaquin Ardiles and Derya Dez Nagie; they come up with a lot of head banging and nerve-racking riffs, hooks and solos. With a playing time of 47 minutes Mouth Of Words is rather short, but it's probably just long enough as the music is very complicated and hard to listen to. You need to listen to this record at least five or six times to really appreciate what these guys are doing and what they're capable of. The longest track is the final one called Old Souls, which is my personal favourite. If you like one of the aforementioned bands than give The Safety Fire a chance, but play it loud if you can!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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