The Mute Gods -
Atheists And Believers

(CD 2019, 57:32, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Atheists And Believers(4:09)
  2- One Day(6:35)
  3- Knucklehed(6:48)
  4- Envy The Dead(5:40)
  5- Sonic Boom(4:47)
  6- Old Men(3:45)
  7- The House Where Love Once Lived(4:54)
  8- Iridium Heart(6:06)
  9- Twisted World Godless Universe(8:32)
10- I Think Of You(6:04)

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Atheists And Believers is the third album from Nick Beggs' The Mute Gods. This album is definitely true to their other two albums as it is a well-produced and power packed album, but the musical level is overall not as high as on the previous albums.

Take for instance I Think Of You, which is a rather dull classical based piano ballad or the mediocre quiet almost lullaby-like song Old Men. The House Where Love Once Lived is also an almost boring (yawn.....) song with only vocals and percussion. Luckily this album also contains great songs like One Day (great melody, prog rock with contributions of Alex Lifeson (Rush)), Iridium Heart (experimental), Sonic Boom (instrumental, Talk Talk-like...) and the title track with dominating keys.

This is the third album in a trilogy of pulsating, turbulent prog rock compositions but to me this one is without any doubt the weakest; although of course some people might beg to differ, so judge for yourself.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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