The Mugshots -
Something Weird

(CD 2016, 48:54, Black Widow Records, BWRCD195-2)

The tracks:
  1- Introtious(1:14)
  2- The Circus(5:15)
  3- Rain(4:23)
  4- I Am An Eye(5:49)
  5- An Embalmers Lullaby (pt.2)(3:39)
  6- Ophis(4:24)
  7- Sentymento(3:04)
  8- Scream Again(5:32)
  9- Grey Obsession(4:27)
10- Dusk Patrol(2:08)
11- Pain(4:45)
12- Ubique(4:08)

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When you look at the cover of this CD you are inclined to think of a punk rock album. Don't judge the book by It's cover is the saying. And you can say it's partially true.
The Italian band The Mugshots serves on Something Weird a mix of rock('n Roll) , punk rock and a slight sauce of prog rock. It isn't prog when keys are used. Some say when there are keys in it, it's prog. Not true!
So the question rises, is this album prog? Yes. But in its own raw way. It's quite rough not only in its style, but also in the mix. It's also (sort of) a concept. They try to give it a horror theme too. And it all works fine. A bit too fine. I personally think it's all a bit overdone. Plenty of fat guitar riffs dominate this album. The singing is a bit monotonous as you listen longer. He tries to sound theatrical, but I think he just misses the spot.

All in all a rocky album, that takes you on a rocky musical road. Not quite my cup of tea to be honest. But if you like raw prog with many recognizable parts in it you'll be served nicely. I knowingly don't mention bands to compare with. There are too many common grounds to relate to. It's for the listener to find out.

** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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