The Morganatics -
Never Be Part Of Your World

(CD 2013, 64:40, M&O Music)

The tracks:
  1- The Great Deceiver
  2- Sand (As Children Say)
  3- Fade Away
  4- Come With Me
  5- Three-Leaf Clover Girl
  6- Pro-Mia
  7- Little Finger Syndrome
  8- Drag Me To Hell
  9- Fly
10- Ready
11- Echoes From The Womb

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Sometimes a promo is accompanied by a comprehensive sheet, mostly providing information about the artists and other necessary knowledge in order to write a proper review. At other times only a sleeve reaches my desk containing just a band name and some song titles. However, what makes this kind of promos interesting is the fact that you have to search on the internet to get the information you need. That's why sometimes reviews contain different information when written by colleagues of other websites or magazines. As far as I'm concerned I prefer the information provided by the band rather than the record label. Concerning The Morganatics the internet was the place to search for information. I found out that this five-piece hails from Paris, France consisting of Seb (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Chris (female vocals), Lauris (guitars), Mark (bass) and Niko (drums).

The music of the band is easy to digest, but I wouldn't consider it to be pure progressive rock, although there are certain influences from bands like Porcupine Tree, Anathema and even Muse. However, the alternative rock style of bands like Linkin Park dominates. Listen to the opening piece The Great Deceiver and I guess you'll agree. A strong point of this exceptional French band is the way the male and female vocals work together, but also the moody and dark atmosphere they create works out fine. Drag Me To Hell is a good example. Another strong point is the way they mix alternative rock with metal and electronic elements. In a way I regard this blend of styles to be the foundation of a sound of their own.

Pro-Mia is the perfect example of the way The Morganatics blend all these influences. A song that certainly needs your attention is the piano driven Three-Leaf Clover Girl, in which the soft female vocals take the lead in an expressive, though emotional composition. It's still a darker piece, but with a lighter overall atmosphere. However, the song that has impressed me most is the album's epic Ready. This ten-minute long composition blends, just like Pro-Mia, all the aforementioned elements but this time in an extended piece.

Never Be Part Of Your World is a strong album, probably not the prog rock album our readers are used to listen to, but one with many elements taken from different genres. Furthermore The Morganatics dispose of an excellent vocal duo, and moreover this album is quite accessible and radio-friendly. For me it's a nice alternative between all the progressive albums I've been listening to lately.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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