The Kindred -
Life In Lucidity

(CD 2014, Sumerian Records)

The tracks:
  1- Wolvish(5:00)
  2- Heritage(4:50)
  3- Everbound(4:18)
  4- An Evolution Of Thought(5:39)
  5- Decades(5:42)
  6- Millennia(4:20)
  7- A Grand Debate(3:58)
  8- Seekers & Servants(5:08)
  9- Dreambender(4:08)
10- Like A Long Life(6:21)

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Life in Lucidity is the second album of Canadian prog rockers The Kindred after their debut Lore released in 2011. The band consists of David Journeaux on vocals, Matt Young on keyboards, Ben Davis on guitar, Steve Rennie on guitar and Eric Stone on bass.

This new CD is filled with prog rock power and lots of song variety. There are heavy and fast tracks and there are bluesy and melancholic songs. Millennia is an instrumental song featuring lots of organ passages, but also a stunning guitar solo. However, the song Dreambender is extremely catchy and shines, because of the impressive vocals of Dave Journeaux. Decades, another excellent song is also very catchy, moody and brooding, due to Dave's interesting singing. Wolvish, the opening track, features a lot of piano and some nice guitar hooks and riffs, so you could say that Life In Lucidity is filled with great diversity and musical power. The screaming of Dave in some of the tracks is absolutely redundant, and sometimes the production and arrangement of the songs could be better, but all in all it is a good album. The Kindred is non-stop energy, and they have a rather unique sound, so check it out!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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