The Grand Sheep -
The Grand Sheep

(CD 2015, 53:58, Landing Records/ Uniqueopia)

The tracks:
  1- Rise My Darkness(6:36)
  2- Something Different(5:46)
  3- Drag Behind the Diamond(6:13)
  4- Shiny Teeth(5:38)
  5- Rise to Shine(9:00)
  6- Signals(6:50)
  7- From the Roof Into the Drain(5:49)
  8- Hovering Through Silence(7:54)

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I always respect musicians. As I also try to make music.

The German band The Grand Sheep is trying too. It can be categorized as progrock/ metal.

On their album The Grand Sheep the melodic guitar riffs sound sometimes more heavy than a regular prog fan is used to. But if you listen to the evolving of Porcupine Tree you'll notice there are more heavier parts as time marches on with Steven Wilson's super band.

Comparing to Porcupine Tree is not really fair to the musicians. OK, PT is IMHO the absolute top in prog, this band is not. The keys and guitars are trying to set the overall tone to this band. It is easy to listen to, melodic for sure. Alas it's not really consistent. The drums and bass are quite simple. But that makes a good base when in sync. The vocalist needs some more training. He misses the spot. If you'd produce it all properly it might have a chance. But no, it sounds too flat. I miss dynamics. Can I compare it to other bands to give you as a reader an idea for what to expect when listening or even buying this CD? If someone remembers the Life Cycle LP from Sieges Even? Get this vocalist... Definitely not the complexity of their music.

Sometimes a bit of Eloy, A hint of Pink Floyd, a lesser raw and friendlier Black Sabbath like guitar sound with a wink to Porcupine Tree.... (oops, I said it anyway) I could define it as a demo of a beginning amateur band that doesn't take itself too seriously in becoming a top act. It's not complete crap, and The Grand Sheep could have a future because of the variety in the songs on this CD. They just need a lot of practice.But who doesn't...

**+ Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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