The Fierce And The Dead -
The Euphoric

(CD 2018, 37:40,Bad Elephant Music, BEM058)

The tracks:
  1- Truck(4:06)
  2- 1991(4:23)
  3- The Euphoric(3:57)
  4- Dancing Robots(3:59)
  5- Dug Town(4:01)
  6- Cadet Opal(1:42)
  7- Verbose(6:07)
  8- 48K(2:38)
  9- Part 7(2:25)
10- Part 8(4:22)

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The Fierce And The Dead is a band from Great Britain and consists of Kevin Feazey (bass/keyboards/production), Matt Stevens (guitars/loops/keyboards), Steve Cleaton (guitars/effects) and Stuart Marshall (drums). The Euphoric is their third album.

For me this album is the introduction to the band. The music then, from which barrel is it tapped? Impossible to give the 'right' answer. I do not dare to worry about it either.... in any case, it concerns instrumental music. In the past I regularly bought instrumental music, however, I found again and again that after a while I stopped listening to it. If that was because I possibly found it a bit boring or not, I simply do not know. But, in the music of The Fierce And The Dead, no singer fits at all because there is no room for it, and that is a compliment to the band. I am not afraid that I will stop listening to this album either, therefore it is so refreshing.

The power of this disc is also the big pitfall, 'variety'. Because you can hear so much variety on the album, it occasionally lost coherence, and that is a shame. For me, this album has needed quite a few listens to fit. As a listener you absolutely have to be open for a change, because it's not really thirteen in a dozen music. You also need to listen carefully, otherwise you have already missed some turns on the road, and that is a shame, because then you will miss some nice things. In addition, the album is not very long, namely a small 38 minutes, however, this is long enough. If it has a longer playing time, you get completely entangled in all the paths that are walked and you can request your first consultation with the psychiatrist.

I recommend this album to our creative listeners and can say that I really appreciate it. I am curious how this band is in concert because of all the things that pass in their music. Hopefully I will experience this one day.

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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