The Dame - II

CD 2024, 46:21, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Into The Wastelands(12:08)
  2- All In Good Reason(5:23)
  3- Momentary Inn(8:12)
  4- All That Rumbles(5:38)
  5- Overwhelming Silence(5:11)
  6- Disentangling(9:02)

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A band with style, that's what The Dame has been from the start. A very unique style that is expressed not only in the music, but also on stage. A band that had to face a lot when making II. When the album was almost ready during the Corona epidemic, singer Marian van Charante contracted long Covid, with the result that she could not complete the album. The rest of the band, Stephen de Ruijter - electric and acoustic guitar, Michel Krempel - bass, Thijs de Ruijter - piano, keyboards and Remco Engels - drums, synths, did not give up because they had to tour. The band left for England with new singer Elianne Ernst. And there was that almost completed second album. Two singers on that album was not an option, also because Elianne became seriously ill.
When hard drives containing music were also lost, the misery was complete. But they were found again and Marian van Charante had now recovered so much that she could sing the last songs.

Now II is here and it has become a great album. It starts with the 12-minute Into The Wastelands and the band immediately shows what they're capable of. Wonderful bass runs by Krempel, fine keyboard work by the young Thijs de Ruijter and brilliant guitar playing by his father Stephen de Ruijter, excellent and varied singing by Van Charante and great drums by Remco Engels (he toured with Francis Dunnery, among others) make this song the ultimate opening. There's not one bad song on this album. Very special is the song Overwhelming Silence on which only Thijs de Ruijter (on piano) and Marian van Charante can be heard. Really beautiful!!

What a wonderful album this is, a stylish album from a band with style!

***** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen

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