The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra -
Tabula Rasa

(CD 2012, 60:49, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Ven-Is(10:49)
  2- Echolalia(3:27)
  3- 27 Heads Hydra(10:07)
  4- Think Tank(8:03)
  5- Pre-Eclampsie(1:16)
  6- Tabula Rasa(27:07)


The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra is a French experimental band consisting of Eric Lorcey (vocals, sound effects, guitars, cithara), CÚcile Alves (piano), Lise Cantin (flute, vibraphone), Colin Gentile (bass) and Cristophe Cordier (drums). Their latest album contains six songs which are rather ambitious and sometimes too experimental and over the top.

The album kicks off with Ven-Is, a song that lasts over ten minutes filled with rather monotonous vocals, jazzy passages and a flute solo in the middle section. Echolalia is a short track, featuring a flute solo and a jazzy saxophone solo. 27-Heads Hydra starts really quiet featuring a lot of flute parts and some annoying, whining vocals while the last four minutes of the song contains only silence: how original! Think Tank has at least a bit of an up-tempo guitar, but after a while the band return to weird sounds with lots of flute and strange vocals.

The longest song - which is really far too long! - is the title track that lasts more than 27 minutes! It's so complex and so weird that it cannot be described on paper; just listen to it yourself and see what you think of it. To me this album is far too ambitious and apparently recorded on another planet! I really can't understand what these musicians are trying to say with their music. Maybe I'm just not smart enough or too superficial to understand The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra; you never know... Give it a try and judge for yourself!

** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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