The Cyberiam -
Forging Nations LIVE!

(CD 2020, 75:01, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Alice In Afterland(9:05)
  2- The Fall(5:24)
  3- Nostalgia(8:45)
  4- The Butterfly Effect(21:19)
  5- The Historian(8:36)
  6- My Occupation(11:14)
  7- Don't Blink(10:38)

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Forging Nations LIVE! is another fantastic 2020 release as The Cyberiam come up with a hell of a live album at the end of this completely weird and bizarre year. The Cyberiam is an American heavy prog rock quartet, hailing from Chicago and they released their debut album in 2018. Now, two years later, The Cyberiam release their first live album containing six songs from their debut and the amazing epic The Butterfly Effect, performed in its entirety.

Well, this is an awesome live performance captivated during the Progstock Festival at Rahway NJ's Union County Performing Arts Center on October 13 in the year 2019. The set kicks off with Alice In Afterland, featuring a Led Zeppelin riff, followed by some instrumental highlights with solo spotlights galore, a fantastic opener to an awesome show indeed. Follow up The Fall features some really “spooky” lyrics, reminding me of good old Porcupine Tree indeed. Third up is Nostalgia, an emotional ballad that starts with piano, talking and further featuring a howling keys solo and a nice high pitched guitar solo. Then, The Cyberiam, goes completely “wild” in the epic The Butterfly Effect, clocking over 21 minutes, this is the absolute highlight of this live set; listen, enjoy, and marvel at the musical craftsmanship of these four guys!! As if this was not enough, another sparkling prog rock gem can be enjoyed. This being: My Occupation, which kicks off with an exquisite guitar melody/solo, containing some Pink Floyd kind of elements and some awesome guitar picking and arpeggios. After almost three minutes of this guitar overture a heavy riff and the vocals kick in, followed by a real heavy middle section and ending in a true prog rock sense; brilliant song indeed!!

Need I say more?? I do not think so, again a must have album for prog rock fans as this album forges new friendships into one Cyberiam nation. Buy or die, I am already addicted to this album and this band. Listening tip: My Occupation.

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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