The Custodian -
Necessary Wasted Time

(CD 2013, 49:24, Laser's Edge)

The tracks:
  1- The Man Out Of Time(3:30)
  2- Stop Talking(5:15)
  3- Other People's Lives(7:02)
  4- Persona(5:20)
  5- Things We Tell Ourselves(8:37)
  6- Departure(3:38)
  7- The Sun Is God(7:20)
  8- Necessary Wasted Time(8:42)

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The Custodian are a four-piece British prog rock band formed by Richard Thomson, vocalist for the cinematic death metal band Xerath. Unlike Xerath, The Custodian is an outlet for the more melodic, rock-orientated writings from Thomson. The album Necessary Wasted Time was mixed by the noted engineer Jacob Hansen and got the full audiophile mastering treatment from Bob Katz. While listening to the album I found it too quiet, powerless, dull and rather boring. Take for example a song like The Sun Is God which contains lots of tiring acoustic passages, or the completely weird track Departure. Another failure is Stop Talking, which is a semi-acoustic and rather sweet song filled with lots of mediocre vocal parts. I guess the only decent piece is the instrumental opening track The Man Out Of Time. This is an acceptable prog rock tune. The remainder is, as I stated before, rather boring.

** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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