The Bloody Mallard - Realm

(CD 2020, 39:17, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Haemoglobin(11:24)
  2- Subject To Entropy(04:22)
  3- Reversion(02:10)
  4- Noble Rot(04:54)
  5- Ceremonious Synapses (I)(06:51)
  6- Ceremonious Synapses (II)(06:22)
  7- Dawn(03:12)

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The London based trio The Bloody Mallard was founded in 2019 by guitarist Tom Walding, who also is responsible for the writing of the compositions. First on board was producer Jarred Hearman, who has worked with The Prodigy and Slipknot. When drummer Jake Bradford-Sharp and bass player Raihan Rubin were added to the line-up, they were given free hand to record several versions of their playing, from which the best suited was chosen to become part of the compositions.

Musically The Bloody Mallard combines an intelligent form of post rock with heavy dark psych and fine melodies on their debut album Realm. Take the openings track Haemoglobin, an over eleven minute lasting track were the post rock drones are accompanied with nice melodic passages, fine bass parts and dedicated solid drumming. Especially the combination of an enthusiastic rhythm section in combination with smoother guitar parts is particularly intriguing. The following Subject To Entropy definitely has the same post rock vibe, but also sees some more experimental passages and influences from alternative rock. Also, the occasional outburst of powerful heavy segments, perfectly work for the song. Relatively short is the two minute track Reversion; a fine smooth guitar driven track, which has all the elements of a soundscape. Noble Rot continues the softer parts of the previous track, but also enhanced the power halfway thru the song. Fine Red Hot Chilli Peppers' Under The Bridge reminding guitar parts are alternated with heavy spacey riffs, creating a special atmosphere. Strangely, the opening parts of the combined track Ceremonious Synapses has a classic rock feel. Different from the other tracks on the album, the guitar adds distortion and wah wah to its overall sound. Definitely creating a different atmosphere to the previous tracks. The second part of the track returns to the initial sound of the other compositions, intriguing melodies and a rhythm section that definitely puts its mark on the track. The final song on the album Realm is Dawn. A guitar driven composition in the vein of Reversion.

The Bloody Mallard has released a solid debut album. Realm is not just a post rock CD, but their intelligent melodies and dedicated drum parts, make them slightly differ from the post rock we are used to. The Bloody Mallard have just been announced to be part of the 2021 line-up for Prog XI in Leeds, check them out if you like.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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