The Barstool Philosophers -
Crossing Over

(CD 2016, 62:22, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Freeway(5:22)
         - feat. Peter Van Asselt
  2- Fine Lines/ My End Of The Island(10:05)
         - feat. Paul Adrian Villarreal
  3- Tedlous(4:56)
         - feat.Michel Legrand
  4- The Space In Between(9:38)
         - feat. Erik Masselink
  5- Beyond The Stars(3:31)
         - feat. Marleen Ten Hove
  6- On My Way To You(4:44)
         - feat. Peter Van Asselt
  7- The Scent(8:43)
         - feat. Maikel Hergers
  8- Crossing Over(7:57)
         - feat. Erik Masselink
  9- Till We Meet Again(7:17)
         - feat. Peter Van Asselt

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This second album from the Dutch prog rockers The Barstool Philosophers (weird name by the name) was a hell of a job to finish as the lead singer “suddenly” decided to quit and they had to look for another vocalist.

On Crossing Over you can hear six different singers and it turned out that Peter van Asselt became the permanent new singer for TBP. Singers like Michel de Groot aks Michel Legrand (Cirrha Niva), Maikel Hergers (Mystrez), Erik Masselink (Gate 6), Marleen ten Hove en Paul Villareal (Sun Caged) can be heard on this album, but in the end the band decided to go with van Asselt. He can be heard in the rather quiet On My Way To You and the metal opening song Freeway. Crossing Over is a very diverse and entertaining album as the band mixes progressive rock, symphonic rock with jazz, fusion and sometimes even pop music. However I sometimes miss a really good, interesting, innovative guitar or keyboard solo, although I must admit that these guys can play and the songs are not boring at all. The absolute highlight for me personally is the longest song called Fine Lines/My End Of The Island with lead vocals by Villareal.

An interesting prog rock CD which again shows that we have enough good Dutch rock bands to compete with bands from the UK and/or the USA. Give it a try, especially if you like a band like Fates Warning!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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