The Adekaem -
All The Dreams

(CD 2023, 59:23, Lynx Music LM220CD)

The tracks:
  1- Soul Of Syria(4:30)
  2- Premonition(4:47)
  3- The Geographer(7:36)
  4- Something Is Coming(2:49)
  5- Mystic Moon(3:23)
  6- Disassociation(3:49)
  7- Last Day's Sun(5:12)
  8- Inmate's Cry(4:27)
  9- Full Moon Hike(3:11)
10- All The Dreams(6:31)
Bonus Tracks:
11- Premonition(4:49)
12- Disassociation (bonus track)(3:50)
13- Inmate's Cry(4:29)

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One of the most interesting progressive rock bands from Poland is without any doubt The Adekaem. The two original members Andrzej Bielas (keyboards, synth) and Krzysztof Wala (guitars, guitar synthesizer, synth) have released several albums which are worth listening to by all means. Albums such as Sound Coloring (2017, see review) and The Great Lie (2021) are highly recommended. Most of all lovers of the neo prog genre will cherish both albums. And now they are back with a brand new album titled All The Dreams.

For this new album the earlier mentioned Bielas and Wala wrote six new tracks and used four old ones from The Great Lie sessions. Their friend Jakub Basoń once again wrote all the lyrics and played flute on the bonus version of Disassociation. Andrzej and Krzysztof probably appreciated his contributions so much that Jakub is since this release a permanent member of the band. For the recording of all the compositions they used the rhythm section of Millenium. Namely Krzysztof Wyrwa on bass and Grzegorz Bauer on drums. For the lead vocal section they used two different singers. Daniel Kurtyka and Marcin Staszek, respectively from Lizard and Moonrise.

All these musicians created an excellent album which compared to its predecessor has rather shorter songs. This time around no songs with a length of epic proportions. This new album has ten fairly compact songs and three bonus track to enjoy as well. That the songs are shorter doesn't mean they are less interesting. No way! I guess they didn't need too much time to create songs that could entertain me all the way! All the strong vocal and instrumental parts are still present throughout the entire album. Both singers succeeded with strong vocal performances. The rhythm section also did their work very well so that both instrumentalists could shine on their instruments and come up with excellent solos. Solos performed on the synthesizers and electric guitars. But also on the guitar synthesizer. As you can hear on tracks such as The Geographer and Something Is Coming. But also on the two instrumental Mystic Moon and Full Moon Hike.

All of the songs are of rather high level and show most of the time the typical accessible Western neo progressive rock style. However for this album the musicians also created musical sounds with elements taken from the Middle East as you can hear on songs such as Soul Of Syria, The Geographer and Premonition. Most of the compositions are largely inspired by the progressive and psychedelic rock of the 70's and 80's. However, there are also elements of classic and jazz rock in the compositions of The Adekaem.

It has to be said that the three extra songs don't add much to the album. On Premonition and Inmate's Cry you can hear the other singer and a short flute solo has been added to Disassociation.

All The Dreams is a fine and uncomplicated album and interesting for the neo proggers in general. But also people who like other Polish acts such as Albion, Collage, Millenium and Moonrise will love this release whole hearted. Even if the songs are shorter as on Sound Coloring and The Great Lie this album turns out to be an album of astonishing fluidity and endowed with a very beautiful musicality, very pleasant quite simply! I loved it all the way!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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