Roby Tav & Tiziana Radis -
The Secret Wood Tales

(CD 2010, 46:21, Black Widow)

The tracks:
  1- The Secret Wood Tales(4:54)
  2- Senza Tempo(4:23)
  3- La Dama Bianca(4:24)
  4- Autumn Wind(5:19)
  5- Mirror Of Light(4:40)
  6- The Silver Wood(4:34)
  7- Moon-lake Fairies(4:52)
  8- Ocean Of Butterflies(3:57)
  9- The Forest Awakening(5:24)
10- God Of The Forest(3:33)

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The initial signs aren't good: a woman on the CD-cover who looks eerily like Angelica Houston who scares the living daylights out of me. The song titles smack of new age and the content of the CD-booklet is completely in Italian - by the way, what is it with Italian groups, don't they know the only people who speak Italian are ehh... well, Italians? The opening sounds confirm what I already expected: forest sounds with, I swear, rumblings of elves and leprechauns for almost five minutes until Tiziana Radis starts singing in the second track and the tempo picks up. Unfortunately the music never really gets exciting so the only thing left to do is to play The Secret Wood Tales on a Sunday morning. Then this CD turns out to be quite good as background music while enjoying breakfast. And with the doors open to the garden it almost feels like you're in a forest. And after this, I'll play a CD from Blackmore's Night, oh joy! Maybe The Secret Wood Tales will fall in favour with new age people, but not with prog lovers, sorry...

* André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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