(CD 2011, 51:22, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- LiFE(4:08)
  2- BiRTH(3:22)
  3- DESiRE(4:48)
  4- DESPAiR(6:05)
  5- SiNKiNG(4:24)
  6- REGRESSiON(4:01)
  7- REBiRTH(4:36)
  8- RiSiNG(3:47)
  9- CHiLD(3:37)
10- PRECiOUS(4:14)
11- FAiTH(5:51)

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TRF, better known as THE ROCK FiLES, dates back to 2003. So, it took almost 10 years to compose, rehearse, record and release their debut album. A LiFE ON EARTH is filled with amazing rock songs, featuring astonishing guitar melodies/solos and wonderful vocal parts. The main force behind TRF is Adjan Emmenand. The rest of the band consists of singer Jerry ten Bhomer, bass player Rutger Klijn, drummer Pim Koopman and guest keyboardist Marco Hoogerheide.

ALOE is a concept album or you might even call it a rock opera. The lyrics are about our life on earth and the “message” of the album is that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel; there is always hope even if you hit rock bottom!

The 11 songs are dominated by the beautiful and stunning guitar melodies/hooks/riffs and solos of Adjan. Just listen to the instrumental highlight Sinking and as a guitar player or guitar lover, you will be amazed and maybe even hooked. Another fantastic dimension in the music of TRF is vocalist Jerry ten Bhomer; whose appealing rocky crystal clear voice is sheer excellence, especially in songs like: LiFE and BiRTH.

The rest of the song material consists of a couple of ballads like PRECiOUS and DESPAiR (which is probably the best song of the album) and symphonic rock tracks like the dazzling FAiTH or REGRESSiON.

So, all in all, a wonderful and almost perfect debut album from a very promising Dutch rock band. Listen and enjoy and last but not least, I can add that this album is a must for fans of Saga, Queensryche and superb melodic rock music.

****+MartienKoolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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