The Clock That Went Backwards

(CD 2014, 49:52, Progressive Promotion Records)

The tracks:
  1- My Inner Clock(7:08)
  2- Clairvoyance(2:13)
  3- About Angels and Devils(6:36)
  4- Looking Back And Forward(7:04)
  5- The Clock That Went Backwards(4:51)
  6- Circles Of Life(5:53)
  7- Welcome To My New World(3:55)
  8- The Snow(7:59)
  9- Circles Of Life (Edit)(3:58)

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The No Name Experience (TNNE) was founded by Patrick Kiefer and Alex Rukavina, the two remaining members after the disbandment of the Luxembourgian neo-prog band No Name. TNNE now consist of five members. The debut album The Clock That Went Backwards is not a clear cut concept album, but all songs deal with one question being: if you could turn back time what would happen? The eight songs on the album are all distinctive neo-prog tracks influenced by bands like Marillion, IQ, Jadis, Genesis and Saga. Most of all you could say that TNNE is the Luxembourgian answer to RPWL, although I prefer the music of the German neo-proggers.

In my opinion the best tracks are About Angels And Devils, Welcome To My World and the title track as they bring out the best of the band like melodic guitar passages, decent rhythm and tempo changes, good vocal performances, excellent variety and fast keyboard solos. Guest musician Fred Hormain plays the saxophone and adds a juicy jazz element to some of the tracks. My conclusion: TTNE deliver fifty minutes of music that will be a treat to the ears of neo-progressive rock adepts. Enjoy!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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