T - Epistrophobia

(CD 2016, 78:06, Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD044)

The tracks:
Chapter 4 - A Poet's Downfall
  1- In Abeyance(13:45)
  2- The Dark Beyond Our Fears(12:01)
Chapter 5 - Contigencies
  1- What If(5:51)
  2- What If Not(12:22)
  3- Forgiven(7:43)
Chapter 6 - The Place Beyond The Skies
  1- A Mask Behind A Mask(12:08)
  2- Epistrophe(14:16)

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The name of the band is T. Try searching for that in Google. T is really Thomas Thielen and he does everything himself. I don't know why he doesn't produce records under his own name instead of just T. Maybe he doesn't want the recognition. After all .... in his publicity blub he describes himself as a strictly under average musician with quite a few instruments none of which he is capable of playing properly. One listen to this album will tell you this is not true.

This album is the follow up to Fragmentropy hence it starting at chapter four. There will be a follow up containing chapters 7 to 9. I have tried to follow the story but to be honest I have no idea what it is all about so I will try to describe the music.

The first time I played it I was convinced I had put the wrong album on. I thought I was listening to Marillion. Not the Fish Marillion but later day Marillion. Thomas sounds just like Steve Hogarth and the music at times is not too far away from Marillion either. The album is one that has to be listened to a few times to take in all the different things that are happening. There is a lot of light and shade, quiet and loud. There is prog of course but also elements of jazz and pop. It is a complex album but a highly enjoyable one and must have been painstaking to make all by himself. It sounds good production wise and leaves the listener satisfied that they have heard a well crafted and well played album.

Hats off to T but I would be seriously thinking about a name change. This music deserves to be heard

**** Dave Smith

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