T - Anti Matter Poetry

(CD 2010, 65:09, ProgRock Records PRR 810)

The tracks:
  1- The Wasted Lands
  2- Scavenger
  3- Phantom Pain Scars
  4- I Saved The World
  5- The Rear View Mirror Suite:
         - a) the echo of the gap
         - b) last dance
         - c) the grace of boredom
  6- Anti-Matter Poetry

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Listening to Anti Matter Poetry it's difficult to image that this concept album is the work of one man: a German multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer who goes under the alias of T. He used to play in the prog rock band Scythe, but the music which can be heard on T's third album is more in the vein of Marillion, both in composition and occasionally in the singing which sometimes sounds like that of Steve Hogarth. Six long tracks which deal with the fact that much art - especially poetry - only serves to frustrate the listeners as it reminds them of all the things they long for, but will never get or be. As such, art is anti matter as it only serves to let man sink in a deep, dark anti matter hole. At least, this is what your humble reviewer got from this clever story which is accompanied by clever music in the best prog vein: many breaks, weird noises, flowing passages. Towards the end Anti Matter Poetry looses some of its momentum and becomes a bit tedious, maybe this album should have been a bit shorter, also because the type of music played by T is demanding of the listener's attention. But héy, this is a minor quibble. Anti Matter Poetry is undoubtedly a pleasant listening experience.

***+ André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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