Syndone - Melapesante

(CD 2011, 47:13, Electromantic Music)

The tracks:
  1- Melancholia d'Ophelia(5:12)
  2- Allegro Feroce(2:08)
  3- Melapesante(6:05)
  4- Magritte(5:01)
  5- Giardino Delle Esperidi(6:33)
  6- Malo In Adversity(5:25)
  7- Mela Pensante(3:34)
  8- Mela Di Tell(6:18)
  9- Dentro l'Inconscio(5:12)
10- Hands Piano Boogieprog(1:45)

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The Italian progressive rock group Syndone was founded in 1990 by composer and keyboard player Nik Comoglio and together with Fulvio Serra (bass guitar) and Paolo Sburlati (drums) they made two albums. These were called: Spleen (releases in 1992) and Inca (released in 1993) and after those albums the band quit only to return 17 years later. Syndone is now a completely new band as Comoglio is the only old member of the original line up.

The new singer Riccardo Ruggeri is a typical Italian prog vocalist and another thing that I heard right away is the fact that he has listened to Radiohead a lot as his voice really reminds me of  Thom Yorke. Another interesting - not really - aspect of Syndone is the fact that the band has no guitar player and therefore the music is rather mellow and kind of annoying. The music on this album is a kind of rather ambitious mix of symphonic rock, jazz, blues, folk, pop and ambient. None of the ten songs are conventional or predictable but if you are into pure prog rock this album will definitely not appeal to you. I would call it art rock with traditional classical symphonic instruments and a rather melodramatic, over the top singer. Syndone did a fine job, but I really miss the electric guitars, but if you like experimental music with lots of twists and turns then you should give these guys a chance.

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 **+ Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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