Survival - Crusader

(CD 2008, 46:11, Musea FGBG 4760)

The tracks:
  1- The Holy Land(03:38)
  2- Beauseant(02:15)
  3- Lamentation(01:12)
  4- Crusader(06:24)
  5- Abide With Me(02:06)
  6- Baldwin(03:21)
  7- I Cried for You(02:25)
  8- Exceptional Friend(07:04)
  9- The Knights templar(02:58)
10- Montgisard(10:27)
11- After All(04:16)

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Survival is a musical project by Dutch keyboard player Jack Langevelt, a huge fan of seventies symphonic rock and of the late keyboard wizard Rick van der Linden. Between 1981 and 1997 Survival existed in its first line-up and then disbanded, but fortunately Jack didnít give up and now we can enjoy the Musea-release of his first album Crusader.

From the very first moment I listened to this instrumental album, I was carried away by the heavenly vintage keyboard sounds. What a wonderful and often compelling keyboard driven symphonic rock! In The Holy Land we hear a tight rhythm with lush and powerful Hammond-organ in the vein of John Lord, fiery guitar and protrusive drumming. The melancholic piece Lamentation has orchestral keyboards while the title track contains a long and swirling Hammond-solo and howling duo-guitar. I Cried For You has a slow rhythm with a pitch bend driven synthesizer and lush Hammond organ. In Exceptional Friend we hear sparkling piano, exciting Hammond and synthesizer play and splendid Gilmourian guitar work. The Knights Templar contains a majestic church organ, sensational interplay between keyboard, guitar and rhythm section, including a Mellotron-choir, and many great solos on keyboards and guitar. In the long piece Montsigard you can enjoy a compelling duet between synthesizer and guitar and the dreamy final track After All features beautiful interplay between warm piano and soaring keyboards, a subtle end of an often bombastic and compelling sounding album.

The album reminds me most of Japanese prog rock band Gerard, but I wonder if Jack has ever heard of that band. Anyway, a big hand for Dutch formation Survival and a big alert for all vintage keyboard aficionados!

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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