Sunrise Auranaut - Inserter

(CD 2018, CD-42:37 , Rock Company ‎- VRCCD282018 )

The tracks:
  1- The Flight Continues(2:28)
  2- In the Old House(3:49)
  3- Keeper of the Forest Castle(4:12)
  4- Identification Man (Psychedelic Inserter)(5:39)
  5- Fog(2:29)
  6- The Saga of the Discoverers (Parts 1&2)(5:54)
         - Part 1. Obstructions Enclosed In Desires
         - Part 2. Guiding Star
  7- The Saga of the Discoverers (Part 3)(3:27)
         - Part 3. All Or Nothing
  8- The World of Light(4:26)
  9- One Strange Morning(4:27)
10- Hello, Star Man!(5:39)

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Russian prog. I am glad that since the wall has fallen and “closed communism” is practically gone in the Russian area, the music is thriving. And its's good to see that there are more prog bands/projects surfacing.

Sunrise Auranaut is one of them. If you like instrumental eighties style prog, than this is your day. Or is it? This is already the fifth album of Vitaly Kiselev, the man behind this musical project. With the help of keyboardist Alexander Malakhov they bring you a quite colorless mixture of synth/organ based (mainly eighties style and sometimes quirky sounding) prog like music with some guitars... The compositions are not the most brilliant. It's all quite simple. A bit inspirationless. Also the production is not that great. The drumming sounds flat, I guess it's not acoustic. The good man claims it sounds like: (and then he names a bunch of big names), but I can't relate to that. Maybe the bassline in Identification Man you can recall some Porcupine Tree (In Absentia period). But it definitely lacks the finesse of that band. He surely is influenced by them. I deliberately don't name these bands he (Mr. Kiselev) refers to.

Nevertheless a reasonable album to play in the background (no pun intended) of an evening with music minded friends.

** Erik van Os (edited by Dave Smith)

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