Summer Breeze Project -
Contact Part Three

(CD 2017, 25:39, Oink)

The tracks:
  1- Contact Part 3(25:39)

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Although they're as Dutch as I am, I had not heard of Summer Breeze Project until I received this promo. They consist of Gert Bruins (lead vocals, guitars), Gordon van Pelt (guitars), Rene Troostheiden (drums, drum programming & percussion), Fons Panneman (keyboards, piano, hammond, synths, soundscapes, backing vocals) and Jørgen de Jonge (bass guitars, backing vocals). Doing a search in the internet showed that they don't appear there as an often reviewed act, despite having released 6 EPs and full albums since 2008.

I listened a few times, but somehow the music didn't really get me. The vocals are not bad, but slightly monotonous, and the single track seems to be constructed of a number of individual, not really related pieces glued together. Of course, a long epic track may contain different movements but here that doesn't seem to work out as intended. This doesn't mean it's entirely bad, but maybe five separate tracks would have made more sense.

As said, the music doesn't really get me, it lacks buildup and variation - even though there is a heavier guitar piece half way.

**+ Angelo Hulshout (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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