Subsignal -
A Poetry Of Rain

(CD 2023, 52:21, Gentle Art Of Music)

The tracks:
  1- A Poetry of Rain(1:11)
  2- The Art Of Giving In(5:15)
  3- Marigold(5:09)
  4- Sliver (The Sheltered Garden)(5:52)
  5- Impasse(6:22)
  6- Embers Part 2: Water Wings(6:17)
  7- Melencolia One(5:49)
  8- A Wound Is A Place To Let The Light In(5:32)
  9- The Last Of Its Kind(6:44)
Bonus Track CD Only:
10- A Room On The Edge Of Forever(4:13)

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Subsignal is a Munich-based German-Dutch quintet and their new album A Poetry Of Rain is a rather atmospheric, grey, and melancholic album created during the Corona pandemic. The nine new tracks show a new musical territory/direction of Subsignal, blending prog rock, rock, metal, and art rock in an almost perfect way.

The album kicks off rather nicely with the instrumental title track, followed by a typical, beautiful Subsignal track called The Art Of Giving In. Marigold is one of my favourite tracks here, featuring that amazing clear voice of Arno Menses and some beautiful melodies, which truly remind me of Kansas, one of my favourite prog rock bands ever. Sliver (The Sheltered Garden) is rather heavy, filled with staccato metal riffs and really dark guitar passages. The prog rock side of Subsignal comes to life in Melancolia One and the melodic semi-ballad A Wound Is A Place To Let The Light In (what a title....), featuring again very strong vocals by Menses.

I have to say that all the nine songs are composed in a very experimental way making this album rather surprising and a treat to listen to indeed. My personal favourite is Embers Part 2: Water Wings; Subsignal at its best, top notch progressive rock indeed.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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