Subject To Thoughts -
From Sunrise to Sunset

(CD 2009; 76:23; CDR)

The tracks:
  1- From Sunrise to Sunset(11:51)
  2- Staring into the Sky(4:34)
  3- The light Soon(7:25)
  4- A sign in Belief(6:36)
  5- The peaceful Serenade(4:37)
  6- Closer to Salvation(5:54)
  7- Whisper(5:39)
  8- Into the Horizon(9:19)
  9- The morning Emerges(7:47)
10- Beneath the Questions(6:14)
11- Revelation to the Answer(6:03)

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When looking at the band name, CD title and song titles, it isnít too difficult to gauge that we are dealing here with melancholic music. And looking at the track lengths, this duo from Texas takes the time to get into a depression. Opening with the longest song From Sunrise to Sunset, the stage is immediately set for a contemplative evening in which the larger questions of life are dealt with, or, if better suited to the moment, washed away with too much alcohol. I am not kidding here, you doubtful Thomases, because this CD is the third instalment of an intended four part series of CDs in which Mark Mendieta, the big man behind Subject To Thoughts, tries to find Ö indeed, the answers in life. Iím not sure if he finds them on this release but he certainly found some nice music to help us in our search. Although Brandon's singing is barely audible, so far away in the mix it is, that an estranging effect is the result and helps to set and maintain the mood of this disc. Mendieta states he is influenced by Dream Theater, My Dying Bride, Anekdoten, Enchant and Katatonia and I would like to add Anathema when they are feeling down. This is nice music although the songs, especially on the second part of the CD, are not that interesting which makes the CD with almost 80 minutes about 20 minutes too long. But those first 60 minutes are well worth your listening effort. And you never know, you might find an answer Ö

***Andrť de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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