Storm Deva - Storm Deva

(CD 2023, 57:11, Planet TW10)

The tracks:
  1- Carpe Diem(6:04)
  2- Alchemy(6:35)
  3- Storm Deva(5:57)
  4- Free(4:34)
  5- Come Back To Me(4:17)
  6- Garden Of Wisdom(8:13)
  7- The Dance(5:37)
  8- Believing(4:57)
  9- The Journey(10:57)

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A relatively new name on the scene, Storm Deva is a duo comprising astro-scientist Dr Stuart Clark and composer Carollyn Eden. They have been making a name not just from this, their hauntingly lovely debut album, but also through their recent live performances.
The arrangements are written for a five-piece band so they have brought in guest musicians Hannah Reeves (cello), Robert Brian (drums and percussion) and Dan Giles (bass guitar) to help out on some of the tracks. However, it is the duo who are very much centre stage throughout.

The songs are rich with imagery about the sea, nature, the supernatural and the weather. There's even some chanted Latin in the beautiful opener Carpe Diem that introduces Eden's crystal clear voice. Its descending scales gives it a beautiful edge, Clark's ringing guitars soaring throughout.
The mystical sounds beginning Alchemy offer up delightful other worldly qualities. Eden's is in full flow, her piano lovely and fulsome, her voice urgent and compelling. As the sound of strings heighten the storyline of a perilous sea journey, her voice hits new heights accompanied by Clark's Eastern sounding guitar.
A resonant bass line begins the title track, it's wonderful melody and soaring guitar really flying while the sound of birdsong and a lovely lilting piano are highlights of Free.
Love song Come Back to Me has a freshness and sweetness in its simplicity. Garden Of Wisdom is more of a mini epic with tinkling piano and atmospheric synths, beautiful flowing arpeggios. Eden's voice flutters and dances throughout. An acoustic guitar and piano passage add to its diversity and a gorgeous electric guitar complements the ebb and flow mid-song.

Acoustic guitar starts The Dance with its lovely waltz-like rhythm and Eden ends on some high notes - literally.
Believing is another achingly pretty melody on which Reeves' cello adds to the delightful musical tapestry being woven.
Back to the sounds of the sea and seagulls for The Journey, a seductive, faster paced songs which brings together all the positive elements of their music into one pulsating final push. It all ends with the sounds of the sea.

Storm Deva provide some glorious musical mindfulness on this their debut album. It's classically inspired prog at its most uplifting and radiant.

**** Alison Reijman

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