Steve Hackett -
Out Of The Tunnelís Mouth

(CD 2009; 45:42; Wolfwork Records WWCD001)

The tracks:
  1- Fire On The Moon
  2- Nomads
  3- Emerald And Ash
  4- Tubehead
  5- Sleepers
  6- Ghost In The Glass
  7- Still Waters
  8- Last Train To Istanbul

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Fortunately, I donít speak from my own experience, but I often hear and read that the feelings of people going through a big personal trauma like a divorce are in complete turmoil and jolted from here to there. The proof that this must be true is the new album of ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. After three decades, he recently ended his liaison with his wife Kim Poor. Out Of The Tunnelís Mouth tells the story about his feelings and this radical change in his life.

Best case is formed by two songs that are back to back on the album: Tubehead (track 4) is very aggressive and angry; it almost hurts the ears, while Sleepers (track 5) is quiet and resigned. This basically is the story of the whole album, the style of music changes in almost every song. From the excellent opener Fire On The Moon, with a Bolero kind of bass playing by Yesí Chris Squire, via Emerald And Ash with nice twelve-string guitar work by Anthony Phillips, Hackettís predecessor in Genesis, to an Eastern tune in the closing track Last Train To Istanbul, with brother John Hackett on flute. Itís said that artists create their best work in times of emotional distress and Out Of The Tunnelís Mouth, which oozes melancholy, certainly belongs to Steveís best work of the last decades.

****+ Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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