Steve Hackett -
Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More

(2CD/2DVD/Blu-ray 2022, 138:09, Inside Out Records)

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- Apollo Intro(1:02)
  2- Clocks - The Angel Of Mons(4:17)
  3- Held In The Shadows(7:09)
  4- Every Day(6:12)
  5- The Devil's Cathedral(5:56)
  6- Shadow Of The Hierophant(10:49)
  7- Squonk(6:29)
  8- The Carpet Crawlers(5:50)
  9- Robbery, Assault And Battery(5:57)
10- Afterglow(3:51)
11- Firth Of Fifth(9:58)
CD 2
12- I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)(8:20)
13- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway(5:10)
14- Musical Box (closing section)(2:51)
15- Supper's Ready(24:49)
16- The Cinema Show(10:35)
17- Aisle Of Plenty(2:03)
18- Dance On A Volcano(4:24)
19- Los Endos(6:35)
Bonus material on DVD and Blu-ray:
20- Behind The Scenes Documentary(26:17)
21- Wingbeats Official Video(5:21)
22- Fox's Tango Official Video(4:21)
23- Natalia Official Video(6:17)
24- Scorched Earth Official Video(6:02)

CD 1&2 Also available on 2DVD, Blu-ray and 4LP editions

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Some people might think, oh, no, not another Steve Hackett live album (again), but some, including yours truly, will embrace and cherish this new Hackett release, as it is again a true progressive rock gem.

This one, titled Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More, features one of the best progressive rock albums of all times, Seconds Out (released 1977) in its entirety (with extra track Aisle Of Plenty), so starting with the delightful Squonk and ending with Los Endos. All songs from Seconds Out are performed really top notch, although I cannot really appreciate the horns and trumpet on classic Genesis songs like I Know What I Like and especially Los Endos which almost sounds like a “new” song to me; but I definitely prefer the version on the original Seconds Out; sorry Steve..... Highlights of the Seconds Out setlist for me are Squonk, Firth Of Fifth and of course the truly epic Supper's Ready with immaculate vocals by Nad Sylvan, indeed! The other five songs on this album are three oldies, the instrumental Clocks and Every Day from the album Spectral Mornings (1979) and of course a formidable version of Shadow Of The Hierophant from Hackett's first solo album Voyage Of The Acolyte (1975). The two “new” ones are from Hackett's last excellent album Surrender The Silence (2021, see review) and they are: Held In The Shadows and one of the highlights of that album The Devil's Cathedral.

So, again a marvellous new Hackett live release although I think that there are too many horns, trumpets, and saxophone on this one, but then again there is no accounting for taste... By the way, the DVD sounds really awesome, and the gig is spectacular to watch, so Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More is still a MUST have Hackett release. What's next Steve? O, yes of course the Genesis album Foxtrot.... Can't wait really....

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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