State Urge - What Comes Next

(CD 2012, 22:24, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Time Rush(6:18)
  2- Illusion(7:58)
  3- All I Need(8:08)


What Comes Next is an EP of State Urge, an unknown and apparently a new Polish prog rock band consisting of Marcin Cieślik (guitars, vocals), Michal Tarkowski (keyboards), Kristian Papiernik (bass) and Marcin Bocheński (drums). This debut EP contains three rather long tracks. The opener Time Rush begins with some weird vocals and a couple of complex changes of tempo, and it ends with a brilliant guitar solo by Marcin Cieślik. The second song Illusion is without doubt the best song of What Comes Next as you can enjoy almost six minutes of fascinating guitar melodies and solos. This track is very diverse containing many atmospheres; it could have been easily used for the soundtrack of a movie. It's almost a shame that during the last minute the vocals join in because they actually add nothing to this great song. To enjoy Illusion you should play it at maximum volume.

The last track All I Need features some spacy passages, again rather weird vocals and a superb guitar solo in the vein of Pink Floyd. Furthermore this track contains a real 'old school' Hammond organ solo played by Michal Tarkowski, making All I Need a really great and diverse song. Unfortunately this EP lasts for only 22 minutes. I would love to hear more from this new band. Check this one out if you're into Riverside or Satellite!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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