Starfish64 -
The Future In Reverse

(CD 2018, 46:29, WHL-511806)

The tracks:
  1- Yesterday's Favourite Smile(4:45)
  2- Tomorrow In Dark Water(6:49)
  3- Determination(12:43)
         - A) Mankind
         - B) At Lightspeed
         - C) Infinite Space
  4- Molehills(4:03)
  5- Charting An Abyss(18:12)
         - A) Recurring Dreams
         - B) Framework
         - C) Dominoes
         - D) At Peace

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Starfish64 is a band nowadays. In their early years it was a project of Dieter Hoffmann. They made a lot of music in the past. The previous album, Refugees (2015, see review) was reviewed by Background Magazine. A review which scared me off a bit, because it wasn't that positive...

The band consists of Dieter Hoffmann (vocals and keys), Henrik Kropp (drums), Dominik Suhl (guitar and bass) and Martin Pownall (guitars and bass).

Well, it is time to tell you a bit more about the album. It is called The Future In Reverse. That sounds a bit philosophical, don't you agree? If you see the cover of the album, it looks a bit extraterrestrial. Are we going to make a journey into space?

I will directly tell you that I hear a lot of Pink Floyd (era Animals) in the music, but the softer side of Pink Floyd. The best tracks are the longest tracks, to know Determination (12:43) and Charting An Abyss (18:12). In Both songs you hear easy, laid back guitar solo's in the style of David Gilmour. In Determination the keyboards have an important role. Charting An Abyss has a lot of moments that exudes a deep atmosphere. Also, lyrically the two longs have the best to tell you, in my humble opinion.

The second longest track, Tomorrow In Dark Water, has also references Pink Floyd, without being a copy of the band. There is a nice guitar solo towards the end of the song.

The shortest songs, Yesterday's Favourite Smile and Molehills are not really interesting for me, the songs are too easy and laid back.

Over all I can tell you that The Future In Reverse surely has it's moments. I think that they have progressed a lot since their previous album. I surely recommend the album to be listened to, maybe it will surprise you in a good way!

***+ Michel Stolk (edited by Dave Smith)

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