Starfish64 -
Scattered Pieces Of Blue

(CD 2022, 41:18, Private release)

The tracks:
  1- Blue Piece (Of Something In The Air)(3:54)
  2- Birdsong(4:46)
  3- Sunrise Over The Weathered Roofs Of Platania(2:59)
  4- Forget Me Not(3:51)
  5- Blue Piece (Reprise)(1:51)
  6- Happiness(3:56)
The Utopia Suite:
  7- Time's Up Utopia(9:31)
  8- Intersection One(2:49)
  9- Number Forty-Five(3:55)
10- Space Junk(3:46)

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Starfish 64 is a German prog/pop rock band founded in 2006 by singer/songwriter Dieter Hoffman.

Their new album with the “dreamy” title Scattered Pieces Of Blue leaves me with mixed emotions as some of the songs are excellent (Time's Up Utopia) and some (Forget Me Not and Happiness) are utterly boring indeed. The latter two are really fillers to me as there is no variety whatsoever and these tracks really remind me of Kraftwerk with absolute monotonous vocals of Hoffmann! The Utopia Suite 7 is the highlight and best track of the album, consisting of four parts, the first being an extraordinary instrumental intro to this epic prog/pop rock song; featuring the best guitar solo (Jörg Hoffmann) of the entire album in the last part, called Space Junk. The other tracks on this album are mostly mediocre with lots of influences from Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, creating the sound of Starfish64 as old school “progressive” art rock, or also called dream prog.

To me it is too many monotonous rhythms and melodies and most of all really dull vocals that set the tone for this album.

** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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