Stamina -
Live In The City Of Power

(CD 2019, 51:18, Rock Company VRCCD382019)

The tracks:
  1- Why?(6:02)
  2- Must Be Blind(5:17)
  3- Higher(5:51)
  4- Love Was Never Meant To Be(5:07)
  5- One In A Million(6:18)
  6- Perseverance(5:06)
  7- Holding On(5:19)
  8- Breaking Another String(6:35)
  9- Eyes Of The Warrior(5:38)

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Stamina are an Italian progressive, melodic power metal band that was founded in 2001 by guitarist Luca Sellitto. Over the years the band's line-up has undergone several changes and even as of today, their Facebook page doesn't reveal a drummer in the band's line up. Besides Luca, Stamina consists of vocalist Alessandro Granata, who joined in 2015. Bass player Carmine Vivo and keyboarder Giovanni Sellitto who entered the band's line-up last year. Drummer on Live In The City Of Power is Frederico Cozza, who probably was hired for the live shows.

With four full length albums under their belt, the recordings of their performance during the City Of Power Festival in Zgierz in Poland of 2018 were used to release this live album. It is released on CD as well as in combination with a DVD. For promotional purposes, the CD was sent to me so I will not be able to discuss the visual part of the package.

Musically the band shows a solid powerful mix of melodic progressive metal and power metal, hailing somewhere in between Secret Sphere, Labyrinth and parts of Royal Hunt. Even without the visual aspects, I think they are a great band to watch live, vocalist Alessandro has a decent voice and interacts with the audience and both guitarist Luca and bass player Carmine seem to interact wonderfully together.

The recording itself is a typical festival recording. In one way I have to credit the band for keeping the recording pure and let the music speak for itself. On the other hand, the sound could have been much better when it was tweaked in the studio. Especially the keyboard parts which could have had a better sound in the mix.

Live In The City Of Power is an honest live album and shows where Stamina is now. A solid powerful progressive band, who should have gotten more attention in the past. The compositions are solid and interesting, and the instrumentalists are perfectly capable to deliver a great show. Vocalist Alessandro remains a solid voice. I would recommend buying the CD including the DVD, I guess the visual part adds something special to the music.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Dave Smith)

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