Spirits Burning & Clearlight -
Healthy Music in Large Doses

(CD 2013, 73:32, Gonzo Multimedia HST117CD)

The tracks:
  1- Treasures At the Dawn of the Century(5:07)
  2- Raised On Coal & Oil(6:44)
  3- Our Secret Cloud(8:15)
  4- Infinite City(6:32)
  5- Hand Signals & Daily Horoscopes(5:19)
  6- Cool Can of Cola On the Forehead(4:49)
  7- Healin Power of Magnets(6:54)
  8- Travellin Sideways(5:17)
  9- The Kingdom of Music (Bons Sens Revisited)(4:40)
10- In Search of Friends On the Day of Masks(4:42)
11- Italian Lake(2:52)
12- The Road To Shave Ice(6:44)
13- Bring It Down(5:29)

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The album Healthy Music In Large Doses is the result of a project initiated by Don Falcone and Cyrille Verdeaux. Don Falcone hails from California, USA and is or was a member of the bands Astralfish, Fireclan, Melting Euphoria and Spirits Burning, amongst others. Cyrille Verdeaux is a keyboard player and a veteran in the French progressive rock and underground scene of the seventies. He's the founder member of Clearlight, a group that featured also members of Gong.

Gong is also the connection between these two musicians; both have collaborated with members of Gong. So it's not surprising that Daevid Allen plays guitar and sings on one track of the album. The list of people who contribute is quite impressive: Michael Clare (University Of Errors), Pete Pavli (High Tide), Adrian Shaw (Bevis Frond), Bridget Wishart (Hawkwind), several members of the Italian Universal Totem Orchestra , and many others.

With so many experienced musicians from different countries and with a different musical background, it's not strange that the music varies from new age and prog rock to jazz-rock with even a touch of Celtic folk. Only two tracks have vocals; all the others are instrumental. As the title already suggests the emphasis is on new age. It's a quiet and relaxed album with a great flow. However, with titles like A Cool Can Of Cola On The Forehead and The Healing Power Of Magnets it is new age with a wink of the eye. The music is very subtle filling the room without being dominant. Despite the contributions of so many people the music feels like a unity. Only the closing track featuring the vocals of Daevid Allen has a different feel. But hey, who doesn't want Healthy Music In Large Doses?

**** Erik Gibbels (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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