Spaced Out - Evolution

(CD 2009, 55:02, Unicorn Records UNR 50507)

The tracks:
1- Biomechanic I(04:41)
2- Fun Key(05:05)
3- Power Struggle(05:27)
4- Octavium(04:56)
5- Nemesis(05:01)
6- Biomechanic II(03:51)
7- Furax(04:39)
8- Replication Junction(06:36)
9- Polymorph(14:41)

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Spaced Out consists of three French Canadian fusionists. Just like their previous album, their latest is instrumental, filled with heavy distorted guitar riffs, heavy metal power chords, keyboard passages, jazzy piano parts and howling guitar solos. Biomechanic 1 opens this album in a brilliant way as it features Dream Theater-like passages, heavy riffs and extremely well played guitar solos. Another highlight is Furax 2, filled with staccato riffs and amazing prog metal like guitar hooks and solos. Biomechanic 2 is dominated by howling keyboard melodies and solos, making me think of Derek Sherinian. Although the music is not easy accessible for ‘normal` prog heads and sometimes maybe too freaky, this truly is a great album. These guys know how to handle their instruments. Spaced Out’s music is multi layered, complex and experimental, but if you have an open mind and if you like bands as Dream Theater or 21 Eyes Of Ruby then you should try this album! Last tip: play at maximum volume!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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