SoulenginE - Mind Colours

(CD 2012, 54:00, Ma.Ra.Cash Records)

The tracks:
  1- Polheim(7:35)
  2- Third In Line(5:18)
  3- Rain Flower(6:11)
  4- On The Other Side(5:06)
  5- Down The Street(5:13)
  6- No Way Out(3:01)
  7- No Rewarding(6:48)
  8- Asleep(4:40)
  9- Challenge To An End(10:08)

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In 2009, we published our Italian progressive rock special in which we already introduced SoulenginE in the section “Interesting New Bands and New Releases Between 2003 and 2009” (see article). Here you could already read that they hail from Milan and that all members were already involved in other bands. For example guitarist Ettore Salati was a member of The Watch for many years. Keyboardist Fabio Mancini played in the same band several years as well. Bassist Nando De Luca worked with songwriter and vocalist Paolo Agosta. Finally drummer Giacomo Pacini collaborated with solo artist Alex Carpani just like Salati. At the time they only had released a two track promo EP. They were also already working on an official debut album which had the title Mind Colours. Now a couple of years later this album finally sees the light of day.

On Mind Colours, the same kind of music can be heard that was already displayed on the EP. Maybe not so strange when you know that those two tracks have been released on their debut as well however slightly different and better sounding. The first of them is Polheim and opens the album. It still sounds dynamic and is alternates between elements taken from the music made by ELP, Genesis, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Rush. Rain Flower is the other track which only a few others have heard before. It's still a captivating combination of jazz-rock and progressive rock-a perfect melting of two different music worlds. While listening to the other compositions, I realised that those two already released demo tracks very much tell the whole story of Mind Colours which means that their music is a perfect combination of seventies progressive rock and jazz rock with occasional snippets taken from classical music, psychedelic rock and fusion. You could only say that the two tracks Down The Street and Asleep with Joe Sal (which is in fact Ettore's brother) on vocals tend to be more accessible compared to the other tracks. The first one is rather up tempo and
has a more rock sound while the other one is more mellow and keyboard orientated. Finally it is only fair to mention the other guest on this album as well. This is Davide Gandino who played beautiful flute parts on Asleep and Challenge To An End.

It's easy to say that anybody who likes the music made by the prog icons Pink Floyd, ELP, Yes and Genesis and the jazz-fusion icons Return To Forever, Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra as well will certainly cherish Mind Colours. As a fan of both worlds this release by SoulenginE  was certainly enjoyed a lot by myself!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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