Soul Secret -
Blue Light Cage

(CD 2020, 55:17, Layered Reality Productions)

The tracks:
  1- Opening Sequence(3:00)
  2- The Ghost Syndicate(5:26)
  3- A President's Speech(6:00)
  4- Switch On(1:42)
  5- Blue Light Cage(4:50)
  6- We'll Become Dust(7:22)
  7- Going Home(5:45)
  8- Jump Right In(7:00)
  9- Breathe And Recover(13:00)

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It is really good to hear that with every album Soul Secret have made so far, they have shown musical progress and that is one of the reasons that I was really looking forward to this new album called Blue Light Cage. Soul Secret's line up seems stable now and their fifth full length studio album really is their best effort so far; I know that it is a cliché to write this, but it is absolutely true!

Kicking off with an irresistible instrumental prog rocker called Opening Sequence this album could not have started better, as the song is dominated by amazing guitar melodies and very interesting tempo changes. Follow up The Ghost Syndicate is even better as it is a true prog metal/rock gem with James LaBrie-like vocals from Lino Di Pietrantonio, an awesome guitar solo and even a howling keyboard solo from one of the keyboard “gods” of our time Derek Sherinian! A President's Speech is diverse, also filled with quieter passages, a speaking intermezzo, and a true jazzy guitar solo. Soul Secret ends this amazing album with an epic one, namely Breathe And Recover, clocking exactly thirteen minutes long. In this song the Italian prog rockers/metallers really come to life, as this one is the absolute highlight of the album; diverse, melodic, heavy, you name it and these guys deliver with full force.

Their previous album (4) was already a brilliant album but Blue Light Cage is even better; highly recommended for lovers of melodic progressive metal/rock; a must have album of 2020!!

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****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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