Soniq Circus -
Reflections in the Hourglass

(CD 2011, 60:08, Progress records PRCD 046)

The tracks:
  1- Inside The Hourglass 3am(7:53)
  2- Formula(9:51)
  3- Actor(5:11)
  4- Shadow Dance(8:33)
  5- Childbirth(2:33)
  6- By The Heartshaped Lake(11:04)
  7- Learning To Talk(7:32)
  8- Outside The Hourglass 4am(7:38)

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Since their debut album Soniq Circus in 2007, quite a lot of changes have taken place within the Swedish band Soniq Circus. The singer and keyboard player left the band and guitarist and band leader Marcus Enochsson took over the vocal duties. The musical style also changed to become a bit more modern and up to date. How does this all work out? Well, strangely enough, I'm not sure. Reflections In The Hourglass is not a bad album, not by a long shot, because all the ingredients are there for the prog rock lover: long songs, good sound, many breaks and tasteful solos. But it didn't grab me by the throat, it didn't stick with me. This might be because of the vocals which become a bit tiresome after a while or because of the fact that you can hear that the songs are fabricated in such a way that they have to be loved by prog devotees, if you get my drift. Reflections In The Hourglass is a concept album - that we symfomaniacs like - about the human condition and the events that shape our lives. The story involves a man who awakens at 3am and starts to think about his life and the decisions he has made. This thinking in eight parts takes us an hour of real time until 4am. Nice, but it all fits too nicely. Where are the really remarkable pieces of music which you remember a long time after the CD has finished?

**+André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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