Sky Architect -
A Dying Man's Hymn

(CD 2011; 77:18; Galileo records 10T10051)

The tracks:
Suite I: A Rustle In The Wind
  1- Treebird(9:15)
  2- Melody Of The Air (Expositio)(6:16)
  3- The Campfire Ghost' Song(10:01)
Suite II: Death's Contraption
  4- Woodcutters Vile(12:59)
  5- Melody Of The Air (Explicatio)(11:15)
  6- The Breach(11:05)
Suite III: Dream Revelation
  7- Hitodama's Return(6:38)
  8- Melody Of The Air (Recapitulatio)(4:39)
  9- A Dying Man's Hymn(5:12)

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A good sign with me is always when I turn up the volume when listening to a CD. I do this to get an even better feel and vibration from the songs-I want to immerse myself in them. In this case, I not only took a warm bath in the music of Sky Architect, the whole neighborhood did because I managed to rip off the knob of the CD player. But I didn't get any complaints, I tell you. And quite rightly so, because what this Dutch band lets loose on her sophomore CD is excellent. This is the thinking motor biker's prog: thinking because the songs are not your middle-of-the-road proggy compositions but they do need some effort to stay interesting, and motor bicker because the band really rocks when they let loose. This band, consisting of guitarist Wabe Wieringa, keyboard-player Rik van Honk, drummer Christiaan Bruin (who has made thus far two brilliant solo CDs under the name Chris), bass player Guus van Mierlo and singer/guitarist Tom Luchies, has managed to write a concept album about the world from the mind of a dying man, in three suites which basically are three epics with sub-songs. The music sometimes resembles Beardfish (the rockier parts) or The Flower Kings (the lengthy, varied parts) but more to the point. Yes, it might take you several plays before you start to appreciate that this CD, although more difficult to fathom, is actually better than their debut Excavations Of The Mind (see review). Well done my fellow countrymen!

****+ André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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