Single Celled Organism -
Percipio Ergo Sum

(CD 2021, 61:53, Timezone Records FEM 2021-002)

The tracks:
  1- She's Awake(5:29)
  2- The Final Door(8:11)
  3- I'd Like To See(4:37)
  4- Ride On A Ray(4:38)
  5- Doubts(6:36)
  6- Save Me from Freaming(6:02)
  7- I'm Not Human(6:49)
  8- Hey You(5:15)
  9- Humble(2:33)
10- Entanglement Runs Off(8:50)
11- Inhale the Dark(2:53)

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German multi-instrumentalist Jens Lueck was 7 years old when he took classical piano lessons and became a big fan of Johann Sebastian Bach, then he discovered pop-, jazz- and rock music, from Abba, Alan Parson's Project, Eloy and Supertramp to Deep Purple, Camel, Pat Metheny, Pink Floyd and Genesis. After graduation he moved to Hamburg where he received the education to be an audio engineer (after he had abandoned the studies of physics to fully concentrate on music) and worked on a personal music project. He produced music for other artists as well and built up a complete studio. Jens worked as producer/ engineer/ composer for Isgaard, several film music productions, Sylvan, Frank Ramond, Rainbow Serpent, Eloy, Kind of Blue, Lidia Kopania, Syrinx Call, Rain For A Day and many others. Single Celled Organism is the return to his roots, progressive rock and Art-rock. His new album Percipio Ergo Sum is again a concept album and carries on the story of the previous album Splinter In The Eye (2017).

This is my first musical encounter with the music of Single Celled Organism, and I am very pleased with this new album, what a tasteful, harmonic and melodic blend of different styles, variety rules!

She's Awake alternates between mellow and bombastic, embellished with wonderful work on keyboards (like the Hammond organ) and guitar (from fiery to sensitive), and mixing elements from prog metal (thunderous rhythm-section) and mid-Genesis (keyboards).

From jazzy - and sparkling piano to flashy synthesizer soli, lots of sumptuous moments (like the conclusion with a Mellotron choir sound) and a dynamic rhythm-section in The Final Door.

Save Me From Freaming delivers an ominous atmosphere with a lot of tension between the dreamy and bombastic parts (heavy guitar leads), topped with strong duo vocals (male and female) and again tasteful work on keyboards and guitar.

I'm Not Human is a dynamic track that mainly shifts between mid-tempo and bombastic featuring ominous and compelling climates. The drums sound propulsive, the guitar fiery and the female vocals slightly theatrical.

Hey You again features wonderful duo vocals (male and female), the work on guitar is pretty heavy, the drums are powerful and the atmosphere dark. The final part is mellow with soaring strings, another example of the varied and elaborate writing skills.

Entanglement Runs Off contains a catchy beat, a spectacular synthesizer sound, rock guitar, in a mid-tempo with powerful vocals. Halfway a bombastic climate featuring a sensitive guitar solo, in the final part Mellotron violins, another captivating blend of mid-Genesis and Heavy Prog.

The other five compositions are mellow and more song-oriented. I'd Like To See and Ride On A Ray (halfway more lush with synthesizer solo and harder-edged guitar solo) sound like a ballad. Doubts contains a dreamy atmosphere with piano and vocals, halfway a moving guitar solo. Humble features high pitched female vocals. And the final song Inhale The Dark delivers melancholy male vocals and piano, then female vocals and tender piano join, simply wonderful.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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