Silhouette -
When Snow's Falling Down

(CD EP 2013, 19:04, Rogue.nl1401)

The tracks:
  1- When Snow's Falling down (single edit)(4:12)
  2- When Snow's Falling down (CD version)(7:09)
  3- When Snow's Falling down
          (theatrical acoustic version)
  4- When Snow's Falling down (dance edit)(3:31)


Silhouette are a typical neo-progressive rock band from the Netherlands making prog music in the vein of Arena, Saga and the Dutch bands Marathon and Ricocher. The current band members are Brian de Graeve (vocals, guitars), Erik Laan (keyboards, vocals), Gerrit Jan Bloemink (bass), DaniŽl van der Weijde (lead and rhythm guitars) and Rob van Nieuwenhuijzen (drums), who recently replaced drummer and singer Jos Uffing. This EP only contains the song Snow's Falling Down in four different versions. This song originally appeared on their most interesting and successful third album Across The Rubicon (2012, see review).

The first version of Snow's Falling Down is a single edit on which De Graeve pleasantly sings about wintery scenes like snow, smoking chimneys, candles, Christmas trees and an absent girlfriend. Just like on other neo-prog records the typical guitar and synthesizer solos are present and all well-played. At the end a child's choir sings the chorus which makes this song a bit too soft, too radio-friendly in my opinion, but perhaps this was the band's intention. The second and longest version is similar to the original album version. In the middle-section it's easy to recognize the influence of Marillion's song Eastern.

On the theatrical acoustic version only piano, acoustic guitars and the clear voice of De Graeve can be heard. This is the best piece to sit by the fire on a Christmas evening together with your girlfriend and a good glass of wine. The final version is the most difficult one for prog heads. It's a dance edit recorded with the help from the famous Dutch DJ Mick Seyen.

Stay tuned for Silhouette's new album coming out somewhere in September 2014. In April 2014 they will do a short tour of three concerts with Credo, one of the best British prog rock bands in recent years. You'll certainly find me in front of the stage during at least one of these concerts.

***+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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