Silhouette - Moods

(CD 2009, 78:22, Progress Records PRCD 036)

The tracks:
  1- Concert Hangover(08:48)
  2- Don't Threaten My Peace of Mind(06:06)
  3- Searching for her(06:41)
  4- Seconds time down(04:23)
  5- Don't mess with me(05:45)
  6- Feeling God(05:14)
  7- Unreal meeting(10:48)
  8- Cinema backseat(05:16)
  9- Far away(06:04)
10- Moods(05:43)
11- Another bed time story(07:32)
12- The Answers(05:54)

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Two years ago, progressive rock band Silhouette released their debut album A Maze. This is not a bad album at all, but music wise the band had still a lot to learn. This year I witnessed a live performance in their hometown Utrecht in The Netherlands (see concert review). A large part of this performance included material of their upcoming release. Those songs showed that the band had made progress.

Now several months later, the new album Moods, finally has been released. To my surprise, the new album shows a band that has grown over the years. The lead vocals of Jos Uffing are very acceptable now. That was one of my major criticisms during the concert earlier this year. I donít know whether they read my remarks or not, but I have to admit that it all sounds very professional this time. The lead vocals of guitarist Brian de Graeve sound very pleasant. His voice reminds me of Bart Schram from the Belgian band Mindgames. Not only his singing, but also his guitar playing has improved. From time to time, his melodic guitar solos are a joy to my ears. Thereís also a guest appearance by Aldo Adema (Seven Day Hunt), who plays a guitar solo on Another Bedtime Story. However, what I enjoyed most on Moods is the fantastic keyboard sound of Erik Laan throughout the album. The synthesizer solos sound very pleasant and that applies to the mellotron samples as well. The way Erik plays the acoustic piano shows that he is very talented. In fact, I didnít trace any weak track at all. Musical references are most of all neo-prog bands as Pendragon, early Marillion and Pallas.

A fine album needs a great cover and a booklet with all the lyrics and band pictures. Moods has it all. Designer Henny van Veenendaal did a fantastic job by creating a fine piece of art. Gerben Klazinga (Knight Area) did the mixing and mastering of this album. He made Moods sound very bright and transparent. I sincerely hope that the band also improves their live performances. Iím sure that everyone who is into neo- progressive rock will enjoy this concept album.

***+ Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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